"A mixture of non intrusive reportage photography with a natural feel and faithful colour to the dramatic and stylised look of our signature portraits."

Wedding photography has undergone some changes in the past ten years not only to the images themselves but in the photographers who take them. A new wave of wedding photographers with an eye on the creative and inspired by the journalistic approach of the media are now dominating the industry and we would like to think we are among them.
As a husband and wife team we met through photography. We are both enthusiastic and experienced photographers in our own right but together our styles however different form to produced the Apricot Tree look. A mixture of non intrusive reportage photography with a natural feel and faithful colour to the dramatic and stylised look of our signature portraits.

In 2013 we found out we were expecting our first child and that changed everything for us. Until then we both worked as commercial photographers and photo journalists which took us all over the country staying in hotel to hotel. We knew we had to create a more stable environment for our new daughter and were being asked to do more and more weddings. We built a website to advertise our wedding work and Apricot Tree was born.

Taken on our wedding day. A beautiful winter wedding in 2013.

Since the early days we have built a good reputation for friendly and professional service. We have found weddings to be greatly satisfying. We still work as commercial photographers but now solely within the wedding industry and our photographs can be found all over the country advertising everything from dresses to cakes, Kilts to wedding cars.

In 2014 we immersed ourselves in the wedding industry even more when we became the photographic editors for a UK wedding blog and online bridal magazine "British Bride" This allowed us to connect with many more real couples and gain a greater understanding of what people really want from wedding photography. This also led to us including film, to our media coverage. Sean has been a struggling film maker for many years with a dream to produce an independent movie. Self taught the skills used on location with little budget and a cinematic eye  have taught us how to produce film to a high standard and capture your day in marvellous motion picture.

"We don't just see your day as another wedding. We get involved with your love story and have been known to shed a tear when the couple meet for the first time. Every wedding is different and every wedding is beautifully special."

We have homes and family in both the North east of Scotland and the South west of England this allows us to undertake weddings in not only these areas but anywhere in between.
Weddings are not just a way of making a living for us. We are passionate about every detail and this shows in our work. When not working we are always looking at wedding photographs from all over the world and practising new shots in the garden or with our daughter in her mums veil. We keep adding techniques to our repertoire and will always give 100% at every wedding we cover.Signature